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By Veronica


Lately, I have experienced many moments where I am completely in tuned with the energy around me.  I have been in many situations where I could completely feel the tinges of negative energy.  It’s so amazing.  I am not certain if its the effects of the growing life in my womb or a heightened awareness caused by increased hormones, but more and more I have had to be mindful of the energy around me. 

In the past, I have struggled with people pleasing.  Knowing that the energy around me is contaminated with the other person's self-absorbed and even malicious intent, I continued to welcome their presence in my space.  I listened to their words, and ignored their actions.  Each time, I'd continuously come out on the short end of the stick.  Each time, I felt greatly depleted, less confident, and less capable.  I gave them my gifts, my voice, my time, my encouragement, and was left feeling lower than when I entered. 

Recently, I watched the clip inserted above from my Aunt (in my head), Oprah Winfrey, again, and it shook me to my core.  Although I’d seen the video several times before through many repostings, this time was life altering for me.  I literally replayed the video several times, finding so many relevant and meaningful points.  I decided to breakdown this brief video into a couple mini life lessons that I unknowing have started doing and will boldly continue to practice. 

Veronica (and baby) for  BestiesandBrunch.com

Veronica (and baby) for BestiesandBrunch.com

Auntie O says “I realized (the energy) was not supportive of who I want to be in the world”.  The realizing is essential.  For a long time, I thought the “who am I, and what I want to be” answer was such a complicated one, but it really isn’t.  I know who I am, my talents, and my likes/dislikes.  I know the person I want to become.  What I wasn’t doing was standing firmly in the truths of those answers.  Last week, Nikki wrote a phenomenal post about leaving your humble at the door.  To her point, I’ll add that boldly standing in your glow gets you to your goals.  Moreover, it can literally save your life.  Some people are only out to get what they can get, and being on some meek shit will literally take you out.  Stand firm.

2.  Engage Defensively.  When I learned to drive, my instructor would say, “drive defensively”, meaning that I was responsible for my own actions and the actions of other drivers. Auntie says “I recognized there are people that are not going to take responsibility for their energy, so I now have to take responsibility for the energy I allow in my space”.  Wheeewww!! BAY BEE!!  Besties, when I tell you I shouted so loud!  Not all people are as reflective and mindful of the consequences of their energy as you are.  Some folks are out here living real foul….wrecking lives, and taking names...with no regard!  Some people are truly smoke and mirrors, perpetrating themselves as caring individuals when they are only out for themselves.  You have to be your own shield, protecting your energy by any means necessary.

3. Trees Must Be Pruned in Order to Grow.  There are some people that must be cut, so that you can continue.  She says “you cannot continue to move forward in your life, if you are surrounded by energy that brings you down”.  This statement instantly centers me.  If your energy is not conducive to who I am and where I’m going, you’ve got to go.  In other words, its not you…its me! Bye Felicia!

Being of sound body, mind, and spirit is necessary to maintain the life you have and achieve the life you want!  Don’t allow someone else’s agenda to infringe on your peace.  Understand that who you are and what you want to be is of great importance.  You are the gift!  You deserve to be nurtured and empowered.  If there is energy that is not encouraging of that, it’s your responsibility to remove it!


Love Without Fear,


What are your take-aways from this Oprah quote?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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