Lessons from a Toddler

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By Veronica

It has been a while since I’ve written about my little boo, Bailey.  Life comes at you fast, especially as it relates to raising a little person.  The biggest misconception I’ve experience about having a baby is that they aren’t a baby for long!  And by not long, I mean, literally seconds!  Y’all could of told me that my tiny 5-pound 7-ounces newborn baby would morph into a strong willed little person in what feels like the blink of an eye.  Already, she is running around our home and making decisions for herself. 

All in all, however, it has been such a privilege to watch her transition from knowing nothing to mastering various motor skills.  Truly, one of the greatest thrills has been seeing her learn how to walk!  When I tell you, Ms. Bailey has truly been dropping some gems in my adult life!  Gems!  I didn’t know a baby could deliver a sermon (with no words), but she has.  So, as your Bestie, I thought I’d share some of these lessons with you.  

1.     Start where you are.  While I do consider my Bailey Boo a genius, she was not born a walker.  She wasn’t even born a crawler, or roller for that matter.  She came into the world not having any of the skills needed to reach her ultimate goal.  But, she set her sights on achieving it one step at a time.  As I watched her go through each milestone, I could see her determination.  Now, the goal probably wasn’t to walk (as walking is just a means to an end), but she used what she knew to propel her to the next steps. 

2.     Get comfortable with falling.  Talk about getting back up again!?!?!  If a cat has 9 lives, Bailey has 97,000.  While this has wrecked my nerves, she never lets her current ability stop her.  Now that’s a word!  Even when there were tears, and sometimes bruises, she would take a moment, collect her thoughts, and just like the fall never happened, she would try again.  Even as a walker now, she still falls.  And with each fall, fearlessly, she never quits. 


3.     Don’t let folks rush you…even your mommy.  So, Bailey started pulling up to walk at 6 months.  We would go on play dates with her baby bestie, and Bailey was mobile!  Moving!!  I was sure she would be an early walker.  She had a walker and several other contraptions to aid her in winning the walking race (the one I had in my competitive mind), and she used them often and effectively.   So, when her bestie started walking before she did, I was a bit shock. Bailey taught me that the journey is hers.  She would walk (or not walk) when she was good and ready, and that’s exactly what she did!

4.     Take the risk, and WALK!  So leading up to the day Bailey took her first several steps in concession, she took tiny steps here and there at daycare and at home.  She would walk along objects, like the table, but never completely by herself.  But one day (December 1st to be exact), she just walked.  The starting, preparations, and focus were important, but it was making a decision that day that made it happen.  Watching her, I could see her mustarding up the courage, and with a huge smile on her little face, she toddled her way to the other side of my bedroom.  Just like that…wow! 

5.   Keep going!  As if learning to walk wasn’t amazing enough, Bailey is on to achieving other goals:  walking up stairs, coming down stairs, learning/speaking words, feeding herself, and countless other things.  If this precocious soul continues in this vain, she will continue to teach mommy to always be working, growing, accomplishing, and trying to be better.  Go Baby Girl!


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What lessons have you learned?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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