Valentineless Valentines Day

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By Veronica

February 14th is here again.   Valentines Day.  The one day of the year that highlights your relationship status.  For some, it is a day filled with flowers, cards, dinners, and edible arrangements from that special someone.  For others, it’s a reminder that there seemingly aren't enough fish in the sea.  I have found myself on both sides of this coin. 

On past Valentines Day, I can recall the feelings of joy I felt in receiving flowers at work or going on dates. It is wonderful being acknowledged for all your wonderful talents and the joy you bring to a loving relationship.  But what happens when you have no Valentine? 

I can attest to the mixed feelings felt when my relationship goals didn’t match the calendar date.  A day that is meant to celebrate love can serve as a reminder that you don’t have anyone or that the person you desire doesn’t feel the same way.  But before you delete all your social media apps as to avoid the timeline flood of love today, here are a few things that may aid you in surviving Valentines Day without a Valentine.

  • Celebrate the love you have in other relationships.

My mom has always done such a wonderful job of making Valentines Day special.  I still remember her bringing home my favorite candy and a card.  Think of those that pour into your life throughout the year, and use the day to thank them for the love.  This year I gave her a small stocking stuffer and a card to say I love you.

  • Celebrate you.

Schedule a mani-pedi today.  Enjoy a glass of wine.  Put on your cutest workout outfit and head to the gym.  Get your favorite latte.  Beat your face and take selfies for the gram.  Binge watch your favorite show.  Write a letter to your future self.  Catch up on sleep.  Grab a bouquet from Trader Joes.  Treat yourself to that outfit you’ve been eyeing (if its in the budget).  Find some way to remind yourself that Valentine or not, you are worthy and enough.

  • Celebrate with others.

Some of my best dates have been with my girls.  Plan a good ol’ Galentines Day to eat, drink, and be un-married as a needed reminder that your are not alone.

  • Remember that it is JUST A DAY.

My bestie Eboni wrote a great piece on the fallacies of Valentines Day (click here to read). Don’t allow Hallmark to have you trippin’!  You are not defined by how many gifts you receive (or don’t receive) on one day. 


The core of any loving relationship is the awareness of self.  The love you have for yourself far outweighs any amount of love you could ever receive.  So, regardless of which relationship box you check today, be good to you.


How are you celebrating this Valentines Day?


Love Without Fear,


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